Tuesday, 28 June 2016

.. endeavour to understand democracy?

Okay another thought.  We are leaving Europe because we are a democracy and circa 52% of the U.K want to leave.  Fair point however 48% want to stay because they accept the status quo.

If we look at the 52% they do not all want the same thing.  Some want to remain in the single market but have control over all their laws, okay but that means free movement of people.  Ah! but I don't want that say others of the 52% . I want to stop immigration.

It is fairly bloody obvious that had there been a manifesto which properly speltout what the agenda was to be on leaving that the leave vote would have been split and the remains would have had an easy majority.

Ultimately if we do leave the EU it will be a minority who get what they want, the new leader of the conservative being one of them.  So that is what we call democracy in this country durhhh.

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  1. Just don't start me on that one! Bloody Brexit (or as Big Al like to call it 'Britex'!