Friday, 11 July 2014

.. connection issues with blogger

Hi, sorry for the delay.  Technical post this so short.  I have now and in the past had constant problems connecting to my blogger account.  My original blog had to be deserted in the end and due to the privacy setting I used I am not even able to read it let alone copy and save any of the posts I wrote.

It is happening again.  I know my gmail user address and I know my password or did, today I changed it three times and yet when I sign in it refuses to acknowledge me unless as now I use the same browser and have come on here directly via the email they sent, which limits me to safari not my usual chrome.

So unless some genius out there has the answer, or can direct me to a more straightforward hosting site then I am afraid I will have to discontinue this one aswell. It is just too time consuming plus now my laptop is thankfully up and running again I need to be able to access it from there.

Aurevoir for now or goodbye for ever if I can't get back again,


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  1. I wish I could help. I am using my ancient laptop for blogging, as I have issues with my newer netbook - It will not let me access my blog if I am signed on for my email. Very strange. I hope you're soon able to solve this!