Thursday, 3 April 2014

.... go to lunch and sign a compromis de vente

Off to Grenoble again for today we shall meet with a notaire, sign a form, hand over a deposit and start the official process of buying an old house .  First though we meet at that old place to confirm what old brown stuff  will go, what will stay, future projects planned.  Rather scarily for moi, socialiser not,
 the seller has invited us to lunch.

So today is a blog of photos. 

Welcome to my future.... peutĂȘtre?

8000 sqm of blank canvas

The back aspect,
The boys love and reason why,
they call it,
The Castle

The front and oldest part,
And why I love it.

The grand salon,
A 20 century addition,
Not bad as extensions go!

The fireplace in the extension,
Salvaged from an Old Chateau,
As you do.

Inner hall,
Complete with stain glassed doors.