..tell you about moi

I am a forty something teacher and mother of four boys.  Started life in Wales, studied in England and then moved back and forth between Wales and England for twenty odd years whilst fitting in as many holidays to France that finances allowed.

During this time I renovated 4 properties and sadly moved on pretty much as soon as each was completed.

Finally we pitched up in France and spent two wonderful but stressful years living there, coping with the language and bureaucracy.  Sadly just as we were about to complete on our dream property we had to return to Blightly and a part of it which was new to me, expensive and landlocked.

We now rent our main family home but have bought yet another renovation project in Wales, the village where I grew up, close to the beach and with views to die for.

When I do get blogging again you may even get to see a bit more ;)

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