Thursday, 3 April 2014

.... go to lunch and sign a compromis de vente

Off to Grenoble again for today we shall meet with a notaire, sign a form, hand over a deposit and start the official process of buying an old house .  First though we meet at that old place to confirm what old brown stuff  will go, what will stay, future projects planned.  Rather scarily for moi, socialiser not,
 the seller has invited us to lunch.

So today is a blog of photos. 

Welcome to my future.... peutêtre?

8000 sqm of blank canvas

The back aspect,
The boys love and reason why,
they call it,
The Castle

The front and oldest part,
And why I love it.

The grand salon,
A 20 century addition,
Not bad as extensions go!

The fireplace in the extension,
Salvaged from an Old Chateau,
As you do.

Inner hall,
Complete with stain glassed doors.


  1. You must have had some trepidation about going through with this compromis – buying an old house in France is courageous I think.
    My father liked to invest in real estate and old properties. Along the years he bought two hotels, two restaurants, several houses, a really nice one in Normandie, apartments in Paris – I am talking throughout his life. My parent’s house, in Le Raincy, about 14 kms from Paris, had a tower like your house. I never took a picture of it, but on my next trip to Paris I’ll go and take a picture of it for my blog. My mother though did not like old houses, she bought land though, and when my father was about to buy a castle in Normandie she absolutely refused, so they got the house in Mers-les-Bains (near Dieppe.) My father though had many friends and they did the work themselves, then he sold the houses. You have to be patient with French workers, but you are from Europe, not the US, and I am sure you are more aware of what to do than an American would – they would become too impatient with the French ways! Your house looks like a charmer with a lot of possibilities and I can understand why you selected it – I hope it will turn out OK for you.

    1. Thank you, we have renovated houses in the U.K and moved on. This one is a big project and we intend to keep it for longer. It is a bit scary taking on a renovation in France especially with my poor french but I am hoping that the process will help me learn the language as well. I actually prefer to work with builders who work at a slower pace as it gives me the opportunity to rethink ideas during the process. My father worked with me on my U.K houses but only when he had the time. I accept this one is going to fill my time for many years ahead.

  2. WOW! That is something you can dream about.............

    1. Thank you Lia, at the moment it is causing quite scary dreams. Will be happier once we move in.

  3. Oh my goodness! What an adventure. I hope you'll write lots and lots. Following a dream like this is something we should all have a chance to do. I look forward to following you as you follow this dream!

    1. Hi Pondside, been a bit quiet of late as my boys are on holidays and we went back to the U.k for a wedding. Now we have to just wait for the sale to complete, end of June. Two years of renting and I am desperate to start revamping my own property again. Especially keen to get going on the garden. You have such a beautiful one.

  4. Hi Rachel - you left a message on my Facebook page The Good Life France - I'd really love to talk to you about your house project - can you please email me on FB or at Best wishes, Janine

  5. Gosh, been there, got the t-shirt for renovations in France but this looks an absolute dream project, I shall enjoy watching your progress !