Thursday, 2 June 2016

... hit the beach with the not so little guys.

Technology sorted and life getting that way too.  Lots has happened since last post but now is not the time to go into all that.  Let's just say another renovation awaits, not the one I'd hoped to be doing but am now happily resigned to the situation and life, as they say, moves on.  It has been a glorious half-term week and amazingly, this is Wales after all, the sun doth shine. So picnic packed, still sandy shorts and beach shoes  retrieved from rapid wash cycle and " hei ho, hei ho it's off to Cwmtiddy we go."  Been a while actually, a thirty odd years while, when I was barely much older than no 3 son is now.

Pictures to follow :) but knew if I didn't bite the bullet and get writing again this minute, I never would.

As promised and just to prove that yes the sun does sometimes shine in wet old Wales.

                                     ... and this final picture was taken by no. 4 son.

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