Monday, 27 June 2016

ask for people to be allowed to change their mind.

Okay here we go.  I know many people say the people have spoken and a decision has been made and we should abide by that decision.  However do we truly all believe that and live our lives that way.  When I give my children the freedom to make their own decisions and they realise they have made a mistake because they didn't quite understand the facts or believe what they were told or were infact lied to, then I allow them to change their mind.  As a good parent I do try to save them from certain decisions which I know they are not ready to make due to their youth and inexperience but that is not always possible.   

I know I sound condescending but needs to be said that whilst there are many vociferous Brexit supporters out there who are fully convinced we should be moving ahead with this decision to leave the EU, there also appears to be plenty of people having serious regrets now the reality of the situation has kicked in and the lies they were told uncovered.

I personally feel David Cameron let us down badly by giving us this opportunity, he was not a good parent as the ramifications of this decision were way to complicated for us to understand and I say that as someone who studied EU law as part of my diploma.

However the irresponsible politicians kept pushing for it and let's be honest Cameron really didn't think it would pan out this way and, it appears, some of the Brexit leaders didn't either, hence no plan.

So now knowing that immigration is to remain pretty much the same, the NHS money promised will not be happening, many local councils are now desperately trying to work out how to replace the EU funding they will be losing and our pound is in free fall and in Nigel Farage's own words another recession is on the cards.  Knowing the only change Boris wants is to tinker with the laws, beware if you are a woman and planning on maternity leave soon, or perhaps a part time worker who pays into a work pension, a disabled person like my mother who would like to be able to have access to a loo when out and about .......these are the sort of rights we got from EU law.  Hand on heart can you all say you wouldn't mind having a little bit more honest and open information given to you and maybe the opportunity to change your mind.

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